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Why Halo Audio Visual?


With over 25 years experience in the audio/visual and construction industry, Halo AV makes integration simple by providing an aesthetically elegant, technically modern, and easy use system that meets your budget.  Our hard work has built a reputation of quality and integrity throughout the tri-state area. We are an owner-operated company. All of our installations are fully insured and warrantied. We DO NOT subcontract any of our work. All of our designs and installations are specified with top quality products with future upgrades in mind.

What is a prewire and why is it important?


The definition of prewire is "to wire in advance of usual installation". "Prewire" is the part of the project where all wiring and cables are run through studs and walls prior to sheetrock.  It is generally done while the electrician is wiring to avoid any conflicts or interference.   Decisions made during this phase impact the ability to expand and/or upgrade your infrastructure to meet the specifications of current and future components.  A custom design will help you avoid any future installation issues. If possible, Halo Audio Visual always recommends designing the A/V prior to any construction taking place. This allows us to work with the contractor and electrician to avoid any unnecessary building revisions.

How much will my job cost?


No two jobs are ever alike.  There are many variables that come into play when designing a system.  Halo Audio Visual can provide a detailed quote to meet your budget.  No "SURPRISE" additions when final payment is due!  We can provide a FREE on-site evaluation and prepare a customized quote at NO COST TO YOU! 

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